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The Big Idea & Street Team

Character programming at Kiowa County Elementary and Jr. High Schools focuses on three core values with emphasis on one new character trait each month.  The core values are building blocks for good social behavior, responsible choices, and academic effort.  They are called the KC Big 3 and are
1. Treat Others Right;
2. Make Smart Decisions;
3.  Maximize Your Potential.  
Students, teachers, and administrators agree that if all students and staff lived by those three guidelines everyday, life at Kiowa County School would run pretty smoothly.  In addition to implementing these core values, each month we focus on a different character trait that we call the Big Idea.  For the month of August, the Big Idea was respect:  showing others they are important by what you say and do.  As we approach September, our Big Idea will change to responsibility:  showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you.

The school is using a curriculum called Core Essentials.  In preschool through 5th grade, teachers have resources that help them teach the Big Idea.  We read a morning announcement each day and each Big Idea also has an animal and color of the month to help students remember.  At KCJH, students who are in the Impact group plan the activities for the month's character trait.  All activities are student driven and are implemented by students in leadership positions.  However, four times each year, we are visited by the Big Idea Experience (for grades PK-5) and the Street Team (for grades 6-8).  

The staff at NewSpring Church in Wichita, KS has developed these programs as public school character education.  They serve over 70 schools in south-central Kansas (at no cost to the schools) and Kiowa County School is fortunate enough to have them partnering with us.  The program is popular with students and staff and is centered on the Big Idea. It is a high-energy, interactive program featuring games, story-telling, videos, and encouragement to live out the Big Idea in real life.  They define the Big Idea as something that happens inside you that will change the world around you.  The Big Idea Experience and Street Team will return in November (gratitude), in February (kindness), and in May (honesty) to do a program for those value words.